Idiot Tin Top Drivers & Wanker sweat wheel riders

Idiot Tin Top Drivers & Wanker sweat wheel riders

All men (women) are supposed to be created equal I could dispute that statement and I have a solution to stop the jump from a sweat wheels to cars, namely sweat wheels, motorcycles then tin tops. Such reasoning is that if the population was given the opportunity to ride up to 125cc at the age of 14 the standard of road craft and skills would improve rapidly and road tolls would drop a lot quicker than they have in the last 20 years, its still about 360 odd and each year more vehicles are on the road.


In 1971 with 2 million in Victoria the toll was 1074, in 2020 with 5.5 million 360 is a unbelievably good number. Sure cars are safer and speed limits are lowering everywhere, roads that were narrower and rougher in the seventies had GT Falcons doing 145 MPH on them now we have Korean city cars nearly capable of this and some freeways limited to 80 kph! Even with this and stupid “wipe off five” campaigns that the government push doesn’t help lower the toll, that campaign is idiotic it won’t do anything wiping of 5kph if your doing say 40 kph and a kid steps off a curb in front of you he’s still DEAD.

Laws are now made for people driving on the road that are making you constantly checking your speedo and wary of getting fines, remember your government has turned the so called speed cameras into safety cameras, and our police force into revenue collectors, the days when a copper let you off with a warning are now gone the poor bugger has a quota to achieve or his commander will ask him “why aren’t you booking more vehicles?

While we are on the ranting about other road users how about the other group our fellow 2 wheel brethren the “sweat wheel” rider these bastards pay no rego and have politicians and motoring groups falling all over them, what with paths and quarter of the main roads devoted to them I ask why? Seemingly they like Oliver in a Dickens novel ask for more, the recent debacle of giving them a metre clearance is a joke when the rider on the border of their allocated lane have a spare meter inboard they don’t use! This is bloody dangerous as in some areas car drivers are over the centre white line and can have a head on with me on my motorcycle. The beauty of this loophole is no TAC insurance or number plates for identification and hit and runs by bicycle riders are rampart with pedestrians, the other annoying thing is the RACV the largest motoring body in our state pandering to the Lycra lunatics WHY, it’s a automobile club!  

In a perfect world the motorcycle would have lanes devoted to them and priority on the road, there would be no need for more roads or freeways to be made or renewed, parking in the city would be free and the mythical carbon units would be lesser as they consume less fuel, of course rego would be a nominal fee to encourage you to dump the car except for emergencies like taking the mother in law out or for emergency vehicles or freight transport, now that’s the world I want, not at all what we have now.


Phil Pilgrim