Triumph Motorcycle Parts Number Conversion for Prefix Letters

In old Triumph motorcycle parts books you will find part numbers listed with a letter prefix. The chart below shows the conversion from the old letter prefix to the new prefix number you will need to order your replacement stock Triumph parts. For example, the part number E3974 converts to 70-3974.
In some cases you will have a part number that doesn't have four digits. For example, H519. You still convert the H to 97-, then just add a zero before the 519 to give you your full 4 digit part number, 97-0519.

Prefix Letter Prefix Number
D 60-
E 70-
E1 71-
F 82-
F1 83-
H 97-
S 21-
T 57-
W 37-

Further Examples:
14- Remains unchanged

S = 21  e.g. S207   becomes 210207
W = 37  e.g. W37   becomes 370037
T = 57  e.g. T98      becomes 570098
D = 60 e.g. D4026  becomes 604026
Z or D1= 61 e.g. D16020 becomes 616020 or Z161 becomes 610161
E = 70 e.g. E7869   becomes 707869
E1 = 71  e.g. E11698 becomes 711698
F =  82  e.g. F6042    becomes 826042
F1 =  83  e.g. F16468 becomes 836468
H =  97  e.g. H3904   becomes 973904
99 stays as       990120

These are just some of the examples but there are exceptions to the rule 

If you have any problems please give us a call.

N.B. Part numbers are for reference only and does not imply that parts are OE Triumph manufacture.